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Newsletters are very important parts of the recruiting strategy in Esperanto. Not only their content (attractive information about Esperanto, contact information for interested people) but also their appearance is very important for effective information. In order to reach different public purposes, various newsletters are needed. In order to reach the young people, TEJO in 2012 created the TEJO’s newsletter, which is for use in booths of all the country’s sections.


Photos are an essential thing when informing. Through well-selected images, you can share much more information than by text, it can be more effective way to recruit and attract people with specific features or interests, especially for younger people.

  • Picture collection
  • Advice for group pictures


Our websites is the main external image of the international youth Esperanto movement, and also of TEJO itself, its largest organization. We believe that a multilingual website reflects an inclusive world and the value of diversity which we are trying to achieve. In addition Esperantists frequently find out country sections or discover Esperanto through our channels. That is why we invite you to join our translation team or, if you do not have the time, it would be useful if you could try to read or inform us for any mistakes.

Presentation of TEJO

Presentation about TEJO will appear very soon.