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 Scientific and Technical Activities

The TEJO Commission for Science and Techniques aims to satisfy the needs of Esperanto-speaking youths who are active, specifically in areas involving science and technique. To achieve this aim, the commission strives to:

  • gather young Esperantist-scientists
  • organise lectures on scientific and technical topics
  • write articles for the Scienca Revuo (Scientific Review) and Kontakto
  • liaise with other Esperanto science and technical organizations and if possible, to collaborate with them
  • collaborate with ISAE in writing collaborative articles

The commission always welcomes new members, proposals, ideals, invitations, lectures and any other forms of contributions. Please contact sfa@tejo.org to propose ideas and/or join our discussions list.

Interest Group

The Interest Groups collaborate with the National Sections to play a significant role in the work of TEJO. Delegates from the Interest Groups are represented in the committee and they help to decide the future course of TEJO. There are 2 Interest Groups in TEJO currently:

  • Bicyclist International Esperanto-Movement
  • EUROKKA (Esperanto Universal Rock Organization, Collective Communication Association)

We are always pleased to have more Interest Groups (and at least one for each technical field). To be accepted as an Interest Group, there are some criteria to be met (available only in Esperanto).

Are you interested to find new Interest Groups and be active in a technical or scientific field? Then write us at sfa@tejo.org for more information!