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Participate in IJK Grant

Participate in IJK is a fund set-up by TEJO which strives to assist several TEJO members in their participation in IJK. The aim of this grant is to enable the young Esperantists who are active locally or internationally (who however lack the financial means) to participate in the most important Esperanto youth event of the year – the IJK.

TEJO usually launches a competition in Spring (April to May) to select the recipient(s) of the grant. In return, the recipients are expected to help out with various tasks during the week of the Congress.

Currently the only viable source of funding for the grant is through the profit carried over from the IJK of the previous year. Therefore, TEJO is only able to support three to four youths each year. However, we grateful that due generous contributions this year, we are able to fund an additional recipient.

We are and will be grateful for your donations. Simply click the “Donate” button above – remember, your financial contributions directly help the young Esperantists!