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TEJO’s Commission for Culture welcomes all young people interested in Esperanto culture. It aims to be a forum for ideas and people aiming to strengthen and develop both opportunities for the artistic expression of its members, and the youth movement.

Esperanto culture is very rich, vast and diverse. It has thrived, and continues to thrive, on the works of various types of artists throughout the whole world, from authors and musicians, to actors, photographers and directors.

Some of the aims of the Commission are:

  • To supply cultural material to the TEJO community.
  • To learn about Esperanto culture together, dealing with various fields (literature, music, films, plays, and others)
  • To prepare a cultural programme for the International Youth Congress.
  • To read and afterwards discuss books by means of online book clubs.
  • To encourage the writing of articles for the magazine Kontakto.
  • To provide young people with a list of items available online relating to Esperanto culture.
  • To create mobile apps which will supply current information about TEJO and the Esperanto community.

List of cultural items available online

Here is a list of cultural items available for free online. In the list you will find links to items relating to various fields of culture (literature, music, films, blogs, news, games, radio stations, magazines, and others.

Click here and enjoy!

Both photos Ivo Miesen, from the Polish Esperanto Youth’s online album, CC-BY-SA