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TEJO holds seminars on various topics such as language rights and equality, European studies, and training of activists. They take place several times each year and are organised both by TEJO and in collaboration with its Comission for Science and Techniques and National Sections. It is also possible to take part in training seminars conducted by external organizations as a representative of TEJO. Our seminars are an excellent way to get to know other TEJO members and the organization better.

General information about seminars

Seminars are among the most significant and important activities for TEJO. They:

  • occur regularly, either during IJK or as standalone projects at national levels
  • deal with varied and topical issues
  • usually incorporate training elements
  • are sometimes open to the non-Esperanto world as well and
  • therefore have an important role for external relations

During the seminars, Esperanto as a language is itself rarely the topic dealt at hand. Instead, it functions as a communications tool: it bridges discussions for participants from vastly different backgrounds or acts as a linguistic construct to tackle philosophical questions.

The seminars are themselves also valuable for the participating members as they:

  • get to meet youths from other backgrounds
  • exchange experiences and ideas
  • initiate and realize collaborations and
  • hone language capabilities and the mind

How do seminars help the movement?

The seminars conducted by TEJO enable core activists to meet up, gain experience in topics relevant to their background and execute projects. Apart from the interchange of knowledge, various projects can have their roots traced to these seminars. One prominent example is lernu! – now the most popular platform to learn Esperanto online and is translated into 41 languages accessed by hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly.

Occasionally, seminars also take place in collaboration with external organizations – these are valuable cooperation by which members are able to participate in seminars that would otherwise not be possible as individuals. Concurrently, TEJO is also able to raise awareness on Esperanto and collaborate on issues outside of the Esperanto Movement.