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23 July, 2016
Slovaka Agrokultura Universitato (Slovenská poľnohospodárska univerzita, SPU), Tr. A. Hlinku 2, SK-949 76, Nitra

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The World Congress of Esperanto is traditionally the largest display of Esperanto. Every year it takes place in a different country, in 2016 it visits a charming little country in the heart of Europe: Slovakia! The World Congress will take place immediately after the 72th International Youth Congress and there will be a caravan travelling from it to the World Congress!

Apart from the usual program (meeting of the UEA committee, Organisation Fair, meetings of expert organisations, many lectures, culture and art program, excursions . . .) a colourful youth program will also take place and is organised by SKEJ – the Slovak Esperanto Youth, a national section of TEJO.

The youth program will be esecially rich this year. Indeed, see for yourself, there will be a town game, a picnic, climbing the nearby Zobor mountain, a night stroll, concerts and of course fun in the bar and disco and even more. Also prices are especially prepared for young people – a single program costs at most several euros, many are free. Staying in the student home costs nur 70 euro for the whole week. See the full details on the official website.

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