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IJK 2016 in your country!

The process for choosing the location for the 72nd World Youth Congress of Esperanto is now under way. You must submit your bit before the end of Phase 1 on 1st September 2014.

In Phase 1, we will accept partially completed applications, based on the standard invitation forms which you can download below. Assemble your team, look through the form, and fill in as much information as you have at present, then contact TEJO to indicate that you wish to put in a bid. You have until September to finalise your bid in consultation with the TEJO board member responsible for the IJK, so the sooner you announce your intention to bid, the longer we will have to help you to put in the best bid possible.

In Phase 2, we will be looking for completed appliactions from candidates who announced their bids during Phase 1 – it will not be possible to join the process in Phase 2 if you missed Phase 1. The closing date for Phase 2 is 1st October 2014.

We hope this new process will enable a greater number of high quality applications to be submitted for consideration.

To further help with this aim, you are invited to make use of the documents available for download below.





Manlibro – Kiel organizi Internacian Junularan Kongreson

Superrigardo de taskoj por eventoj