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Komisiito pri Kongresoj



General Secretary, Responsibility for Education and Congresses

Year of Birth



Moscow, Russia

What do you do in your life outside Esperanto?

Teacher of German

In which Esperanto organisations are you are a member?

  • World Esperantist Youth Organisation (TEJO)
  • World Esperanto Association (UEA)

What Esperanto activities have you done so far?

  • Teacher of Esperanto
  • 2010–2012 leadership of Russia E-Union (regional activity and contacts with local clubs)
  • 2011–2012 EVS-volunteer in Bialystok
  • Co-organiser of JES-5
  • Student of Inter-linguistics at UAM

What do you plan to do in TEJO?

During the office peroid I plan to actively engage in the work of TEJO and help the leadership fulfill every project, whether current or planned. Apart from that, I think about reviving REJM, which in Russia we are actively working on. That, I hope, will help the number of TEJO members and will bring new activists to the movement.