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Michael Boris
Michael Boris MANDIROLA
Komitatano Ĉ



President, Responsibility for External Relations and Active Training

Year of Birth



Turin, Italy

What do you do in your life outside Esperanto?

I have a Masters in computer engineering and work as a computer consultant en a Turin firm.

I was also nominated by TEJO in the consultation about membership affairs of the European Youth Forum in November 2014.

What have you done in Esperanto?

I started learning Esperanto with an online course from the Italian E-Youth and became active in 2006, when I took part in IJF for the first time and was elected to the leadership. Since then I am still in the leadership of IEJ and have occupied every possible position.

I started engainging with TEJO in 2006 participating in a seminar about language rights. Afterwards, I became a member of Committee A (2007), Committee B (2010) and the same year was elected commissioner for external relations (where I also was active with the European Youth Forum) In 2011 I was elected Vice-President of TEJO and was responsible for external relations for two years and for national activity for another two years.

Apart from that I was on the leadership of the Italian Esperanto Federation from 2011 until 2014 where I mainly worked with youth and computer affairs, from 2009 until 2013 on the leadership of ARCI ESPERANTO and from October 2013 President of NITOBE, a radical association for linguistic justice and democracy.

What do you plan to do in TEJO?

External relations are for me, a priority since I became active in TEJO and that certainly will remain a priority also in my work as President. I believe that we carry our ideas about linguistic justice to the young political layers and grow respect and support for Esperanto as a solution to the problem of international communication is one of the most important tasks of TEJO. I aim to strengthen TEJO legally, financially and aim to upscale our activity.