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Paweł Fischer-Kotowski
Elekta Komisiono, Komitatano Ĉ

born in


lives in

Varsovio, Pollando

what do you do outside of Esperanto?

Graduated in information and library science. Currently studying editorship at the University of Warsaw, and Inter-linguistics at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

what have you done in Esperanto so far?

I’ve been active in the Esperanto movement since 2010, but I’ve been a member of UEA and TEJO since 2008. I’ve been working on the change of statutes of the Polish Esperanto Association and have a role in its youth section. I co-organise the Junulara E-Semajno (a week-long gathering over the new year period).

I’m an ‘A’ committee member for UEA in Poland, and was elected in 2012 as a ‘B’ committee member of TEJO. At the national level, my priority has been to deal with the structural changes in the national association of UEA. In TEJO I have also guided the work on modifying the Rules and Regulations of the organisation.