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Participate in TEJO

TEJO is realised through its activists. In TEJO, you have the opportunities to meet many young activists from around the world, gain worthwhile experiences while also furthering the goals and ideals of the Esperanto movement. There are many ways which you can help TEJO and its activities. If you meet the TEJO age criteria of below 30 years old, do not hesitate to join TEJO and if you want to be active, do not miss the chance to participate in the diverse activities of TEJO.


One of the best ways to be active in TEJO is to become a member in one of the various commissions. There are commissions on a range of activities and areas: Pasporta Servo, Local Sections, Culture, Outreach, Scientific and Technical Activities, Youth Activities, Human Resource, and etc. You may find the list of available commissions here and the description of their respective activities.


The main get-together of TEJO is the Internacia Junulara Kongreso which takes place between July and August yearly in different host nations. There are also multiple other events and gatherings organised through the year. You may wish to look for the upcoming events here. If you are interested in organisation an event yourself, you may read this page for more information (only available in Esperanto).

Training for Activists

The training of activists and members is a constant requirement for youth organisations. If you are experienced in this area and would like to provide enrichment opportunities for our members, TEJO is keen to help you in the endeavor. TEJO organizes training for activists, seminars and meet-ups and do look out for vacancies (both links are only available in Esperanto)!

Planning Tasks

You are able to help with the realization TEJO’s plans. Please view the to-do lists of TEJO to contribute.


You can also help TEJO from your home while practicing your knowledge of Esperanto: join our translation team. TEJO is always in need of translators for newsletters, the webpage and outreach campaigns.

External Relations

The commission for external relations is involved in raising the visibility of Esperanto and TEJO outside of its movement. This creates a link with external organisations and platforms. This commission not only keeps you up-to-date on affairs in the Esperantujo, it also acts as a bridge to external parties. Therefore your participation would help you develop your ability in and representing an organisation and communication skills.

Kontakto Magazine

Our publication Kontakto, and in it the column TEJO-Worldwide, discusses issues relating to society and the Esperanto movement that are relevant for the youths today. The editors have the task of delivering interesting and engaging materials. By participating in the collection and writing of these materials, you will not only broaden the your mind, but that of your readers as well.

Vacant positions

From time to time, we are in need of people for some concrete tasks. To be informed, please visit this list of current vacant positions (only available in Esperanto).

Do you have new ideas?

And if you have new ideas, simple contact us and we will be glad to help you! One of the diverse ways which TEJO can help to realize your ideas is through the “Trampoline” seed fund (only available in Esperanto).