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Committees are groups in TEJO that connect activists with similar interests so that they can act in the same field or project. Many commissions also have branches, subgroups on specific topics. All members of TEJO have the right to join and participate, and non-members are also often welcome.

Find a topic that interests you in the list below and join its chat group or mailing list, or write to the contact person.

Activist Training

The TEJO Committee on Activist Training brings together people who want to train other TEJO members on a wide variety of topics or who want to learn how to train others. The committee jointly devises topics and plans for trainings to be held as part of various Esperanto-events.

Education, Science and Culture

This TEJO committee brings together people who are interested in various topics. In addition to the subjects that are described in the title of the commission, there is also work for action on university activity, which can indeed affect the 3 subjects (Education, Science and Culture).


  • Education
  • Science
  • CultureUniversity Activity

External Relations

The commission takes care of TEJO’s external relations with other European and world youth organizations with the aim of cooperation, exchange and political lobbying on issues that are important to TEJO and to young Esperantists. Get active and become a TEJO representative!


  • European Youth Forum
  • Council of Europe
  • UN and UNESCO
  • UNOY


TEJO communicates with members and the outside world through many means of communication. Want to help, discuss or learn about marketing? Get informed and join!


  • Subtitling
  • Translations
  • Junaj Amikoj (Young Friends)


These are the people who are involved in the organization of the International Youth Congress (IJK), the TEJO movement program during international events, and those who want to exchange experiences and help the teams that organize Esperanto events for young people.


  • Congresses
  • Mobility

Country and Departmental Activity

There are Esperantists all over the world with various nationalities, professions and hobbies. The Commission for Country and Departmental Activities (LFA) helps to build a strongly interconnected global network of young Esperantists and youth organizations and to deliver TEJO services to them.


  • Africa
  • Asia-Oceania
  • Europe
  • North and Central America
  • South America


In this committee we are responsible for finding and organizing projects for TEJO. We look for the funds, set up teams and prepare the plans for international projects.


  • European projects
  • Intercontinental projects


The Talent committee deals with TEJO’s human resources.

It has a branch in every continent.


  • Talent
  • Teen Activity
  • Equality

Working Group on Sustainability