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Support the activities of TEJO

Even if you are not a member of TEJO, you can support our activities and activists financially. The Partoprenu IJK-n” Fund subsidizes the participation of TEJO activists in IJK, the International Youth Congress of TEJO. The Fund allows active youths who do not have the financial means to take part in the Congress – a small step towards providing equal opportunities.

Your contribution to this Fund or to other aspects of TEJO’s activities is appreciated. Financial contributions can be made in various manners: through credit card, via PayPal or a bank transfer. All donations are done through the Universal Esperanto Association(UEA), which is the parent organisation of TEJO.

Donations by credit card

Please use the secure form on UEA website. Indicate your personal and family names and email address; in “pago-celo” select “Donaco al TEJO” (Donation to TEJO). Please also provide a note detailing your contribution in “akompanaj notoj“. Indicate the sum, the type of the card, its number, the 3-digit security code (CVV) for a MasterCard/Visa card, and the date of expiration.

Donations via PayPal

Please address your contribution to financoj@co.uea.org, specifying that the beneficiary is TEJO and the activity which you would like to support.

Donations by bank transfer

UEA has accounts in several banks as well as post-banks; see details here (only available in Esperanto). When placing a transfer order, please include an additional €7 for the administrative and processing cost for transactions from abroad (transfers within the European Union via SEPA are cost-free).

TEJO thanks you for your generous support!