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The current leadership, elected by the committee of TEJO on August 10, 2017 at the 73-rd International Esperanto Youth Congress in Aneho, Togo, for the period of 2017-2018 consists of:

Observers from TEJO in UEA: Michael Boris Mandirola, Arina Osipova

Observers from TEJO in ILEI: Arina Osipova

Representative of TEJO in the Committee of UEA: Michael Boris Mandirola, Arina Osipova

Representative of TEJO in Fondumo Zamenhof: Arina Osipova

Observers from UEA: Mark Fettes, Sara Spanò

Observers from ILEI: Radojica Petrović

The leadership is the chief executive body of the organization. It:

  1. executes the decisions of the committee
  2. presents the leaderships’ report to the committee
  3. proposes budget and presents financial accounts to the committee
  4. decides on contracts with external organizations and persons
  5. nominates commissioners
  6. nominates the editor of Kontakto, TEJO-Worldwide and other publications
  7. decides on the International Esperanto Youth Congress
  8. decides on patrons, except their dismissals
  9. determines internal functions of the leadership
  10. ensures the smooth running of the organization