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The Regulations of TEJO include the titles of Honorary Presidents and Honorary Members. According to these regulations, TEJO is not to honor more than one person with these titles each year. The proposal to elect Honorary Members or Honorary Presidents can be made either by the leadership, 10 delegates or 25 individual members from at least 5 different nations. The committee decides on the outcome of this proposal.

Honorary Presidents of TEJO

Mdm E. van Veenendaal-Bouwes, The Netherlands (1947–1966)

Mr G. Becker, Germany (1964–2008)

Prof. Dr. H. Tonkin, USA (1971)

Prof. Dr. R. Corsetti, Italy (1973)

Dr. F. Szabó-Felső, Hungary (1975)

Mdm C. Nourmont, Luxembourg (1978)

Dr. S. Tsiturdis, Greece (1979)

Prof. Dr. A. Wandel, Israel (1989)

Honorary Members of TEJO

F. Gabalda, France

I. Tarrant, United Kingdom

A. Gonĉarov, Russia

D. Ederveen, The Netherlands

Lifelong Patron of TEJO

Mdm A.J. Bakker-ten Hagen, The Netherlands

Mr D. Besseghini, Italy

Mdm C. Bracke, Belgium

Dr. S. Bosga, Sweden

Mr J. Brozovsky, USA

Mr Manuel M. Campagna, Canada

Mdm P. de Caspary, Norway

Mr R. Clerici, Italy

Mr K. Peder Hoff, Norway

Mdm Honda Machimura Terumi, Japan

Dr. B. Johnson, Canada

Mdm E. Kehlet, Denmark

Mdm K. Kikusima, Japan

Mr A. Kronenberger, Germany

Mr J. Stryhn Meyer, Luxembourg

Mr R. Moerbeek, The Netherlands

Mr B. Moon, Luxembourg

Mdm B. Muizelaar-Borger, The Netherlands

Mr J. Nordfalk, Nepal

Mr A. Ruysschaert, Luxembourg

Mr Sibayama Z., Japan

Mr T. Sormunen, Finland

Mdm I. Tautorat, Germany