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  • Mari

    says on:
    2021年09月28日 at 09:58

    Hi Tejo Team,

    My name is Mari, I am Spanish. And I am social worker, however I have been since long time ago related with Non-formal education, working in the Erasmus+ frame and other European projects. I hear about your trainer offer and I really interested.
    I have confidence that I am an outstanding candidate for your proposal and hope that you will contact me soon to arrange an interview if need it. Iam a very committed person in my job and well organized. I have taken part of more than 30 projects as participant, coordinator, project manager and leader. I am also a very honest person and dynamic, always happy to learn and work in a team. I would love to get an opportunity like that and to show your team my skills and motivation.

    I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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