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TEJO (the World Esperanto Youth Organisation) is hiring a PHP programmer for a temporary, remote, part-time position with flexible hours. The employee will be working on specific parts of the AKSO project (see https://akso.org, only in Esperanto), which is a larger undertaking aiming to renovate all parts of the online presence of UEA, their administrative systems and databases. The PHP programmer will be tasked with maintaining and developing a plugin for Grav CMS (see https://getgrav.org) which interlinks with AKSO’s API.

The contract is for 12 hours/week with an anticipated pay of €10/hour. Candidates from all parts of the world may apply, assuming they fulfill the requirements and that their country of residence permits working remotely for a Dutch employer.

The contract will start between February 1st 2022 and March 14th 2022 and will last until the end of 2022, with a possibility for extension. During the first 14 days of employment the position can be terminated in case you do not feel you fit in with your team.

Personal requirements:

  • must be able to work in teams;
  • the position has flexible hours, however you must be generally available at least 3/5 European workdays (CEST);
  • must be conversational in a. English; or b. German and Esperanto;
  • must be able to work remotely and have the self-discipline that this implies;
  • the position has no requirement of web design capabilities or live meetings.

Practical requirements:

  • must use own adequate computer and internet connection for work.

Professional requirements:

  • at least 2 years professional experience with PHP + HTML or equivalent hobby experience;
  • no university degree required, but candidates with a bachelor in CS will be considered first;
  • must be able to follow code quality guidelines and partake in code review;
  • must have experience using Linux or Mac for work or serious programming;
  • must know how to build node.js and DOM javascript using tools such as gulp and rollup;
  • must have experience with Grav CMS or a different CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress and be willing to learn how to develop addons for Grav within the first month;
  • must have experience with Twig or other template engines such as Mustache;
  • must have experience with web APIs, and preferably with REST;
  • proficiency in javascript is not required but valued;
  • must have experience with web security features such as XSS prevention and CSP;
  • experience with the following will be valued highly: Linux bash, unix sockets, nonces, payment gateways like Stripe, caching in PHP.

Candidates who do not fulfill one or two of the requirements are invited to apply regardless, if they are willing to learn the requirements in their own time before the beginning of the contract.

Those interested in the vacant position are requested to send a CV, letter of motivation and an example of previous PHP work to oficejo@tejo.org before the 29th of December 2021.

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  • Michael Johan Villaizan Ladino

    says on:
    2022-01-05 at 12:23

    Colombian, student of The National university and The most famous online educación platform in LATAM, a school patrocitnated by Y combinator

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