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  • Aikaterini Betzelou

    says on:
    2021年11月06日 at 17:24

    I want like to be informed for everything new in this topic.

  • Maria Anna Pylarinou

    says on:
    2021年11月06日 at 22:12

    I would like to participate

  • Fiorela

    says on:
    2021年11月07日 at 07:49

    I would like to take part
    I’m Fiorela and im an artist from Greece.🌹

  • Effrosyni Karamantzani

    says on:
    2021年11月11日 at 14:28

    Hello, I have submitted an application for participation in the Project and I would like to request how we will be informed about the selection process.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Mark

      says on:
      2021年11月11日 at 23:57

      Via email I guess but we still do not know when we will get the results.

  • Mark

    says on:
    2021年11月15日 at 09:29

    Hey, who got an answer?

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