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环球世界语青年组织 (Tutmonda Esperantista Junulara Organizo, TEJO) 是一个包括个体会员和40多国家部分的年轻说世界语的人的组织。它是万国世界语组织(UEA: Universala Esperanto Asocio)的青年部分。它的住所在鹿,

TEJO年年各地主办国际青年会议 (Internacia Junulara Kongreso, IJK). Other events organized by TEJO include seminars and training in various topics. TEJO publishes the socio-cultural newspaper Kontakto and the online newsletter TEJO Aktuale. Among the most well-known TEJO projects, there is Pasporta Servo – a social network that integrates people who offer free hosting in their homes and those who would like to use this possibility. The organization fights for the cultural richness of linguistic diversity, human rights and particularly their linguistic side and global understanding through easy access to international contacts.


按照章程,TEJO 的目的是:

  • 宣传世界语的使用;
  • 促使世界语文化的发展;
  • 戳力在国际关系的语言问题的解决,利国际交流;
  • 使易各种各样的人人之中的精神和物质的关系、不管他们关于国籍、种族、性取向、宗教、 政治观点和语言的区别;
  • help the youth to have an active role in the construction of an inclusive, international, inter-corporate and respectful of rights society;
  • increase among their members a strong sense of solidarity, motivating them to understand and respect other people;
  • improve the knowledge and organizational skills of its activists and encourage their cultural development; and to yield young forces to the Esperanto movement.


TEJO (back then World Youth Organization, TJO: Tutmonda Junular-Organizo) was founded in 1938 during the 1st International Youth Meeting (IJK: Internacia Junulara Kongreso) on the initiative of two Dutch teachers, Elisabeth van Veenendaal and her husband, with the purpose of vulgarizing Esperanto, organizing international meetings and working about Esperanto in schools. Its activation was soon stopped during World War II and was reaffirmed in 1945 by means of a reissue of the magazine La Juna Vivo and the International Youth Congress held in Ipswich, in England, in 1947. Until the beginning of the 50s TEJO transformed into a totally youthful association and in 1952 it changed its name to the one we know today – Global Esperanto Youth Organization (TEJO: Tutmonda Esperantista Junulara Organizo). In 1956 TEJO became the youth section of UEA.

TEJO 的象征被Mark Rean创作了。
照片被Łukasz Żebrowski做了, 他们两人来自 the Polish Esperanto Youth, CC-BY-SA