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  • José dias Pinto

    says on:
    01/08/2015 at 20:44

    Veterano de la vivo kaj esperantisteco, mi sentas min psike pli komforta konstatante, ke multe da gejunuloj interesiĝas pri Esperanto kaj agas en Esperantujo. Gratulon kaj bonan kongreson.

  • nadir

    says on:
    06/08/2015 at 16:00


    • Necla

      says on:
      03/12/2015 at 16:02

      Lodoviko, the problem is that pepole will chose to learn a language that can be useful in the future..Almost no one learns a language that is not broadly spoken in an international level. How many pepole chose to speak Greek, Finnish or Maltese, for example? Because they are languages that only few can speak it, if we take in consideration that the world has 7 billion pepole, but only 11, 5 and 1 million pepole speak the above languages respectably. So to chose to learn a language that will be of no use, just because it is easy, or nice it is not a point. English is understood by most of the world, French is spoken by millions outside of France, Spanish is also a very widespread language. How many esperanto speakers exist in the world? Perhaps a few tens of thousands?Besides, I do not think that we are ready to start learning a fabricated language..We still see language as a communication tool of a nation or pepole of the same ethnic background.So we learn our languages according to the pepole who we want to communicate with.Our national language to speak with our friends and family, and usually one or two more, to communicate with pepole we do business with, the countries we travel to, etc..No place on earth has esperanto as the official language, so i do not think that anyone, apart from a few that have a passion in learning languages, or some linguists that just love learning a new language, will ever bother to learn esperanto! Sorry..!!The rest of us will just chose to learn a language that will be useful in our everyday lives and business dealings…That is the reality of it…

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