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As part of the European Voluntary Service, TEJO invites you to become a full-time volunteer in our Central Office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Being a volunteer doesn’t only mean contributing to the well-being of the organisation, but it is at the same time a personal development. The volunteer will work at the heart of the Esperanto movement – the Central Office of the World Esperanto Association and TEJO, he or she will be able to help with many interesting projects (arranging meetings, information campaigns and the development of internet projects) and also with attending events representing TEJO.

EVS is open to all young candidates who are between 18 and 30 years old. The project limits the volunteering to a maximum period of one year, making it possible for more volunteers to have their volunteering experience with us.

The volunteer must show an interest in Esperanto and in learning it before or after his or her arrival, with the help of our staff and the resources available for free in the office. As a volunteer you’ll certainly learn teamwork and you’ll have an opportunity to bolster your skills, especially with the after-mentioned tasks.

Here are examples of your future tasks:

  • representation and information during congresses and seminars (directly related to Esperanto, or not)
  • administration and management of contacts with European and non-European structures and organisations
  • active support of the activities of TEJO’s board and working groups
  • dealing with paper and online mail
  • maintenance of the archives
  • active collaboration in updating TEJO’s websites and social network pages
  • local action in Rotterdam, maintaining relationships between local organizations and institutions

The ideal candidate:

  • speaks Esperanto, or if not the case, shows an interest in learning the language before or right after the start of the volunteering
  • likes administrative work
  • has some computer skills
  • has some knowledge about the youth Esperanto movement
  • is independent and can take decisions
  • is ready to collaborate with the board members on the general management of the organisation
  • has good knowledge of European youth structures and institutions
  • has never taken part in an EVS-project before

These are the qualities of our ideal candidate and we’re aware that not everyone can fulfill them. In the time frame between the selection of the candidate and the start of the volunteering, there will be enough time to train oneself. So don’t hesitate to apply!

The volunteer will work for one year starting from March or April 2018, however, an earlier start of the volunteering is discussable with the Board depending on the availability. He or she will receive an amount of 300€ every month, will have a free place to stay and his or her travel expenses will be reimbursed.

TEJO is looking for at least two volunteers, therefore if you are only able to volunteer with the company of another volunteer, you can both apply together by specifying it in the motivational letter.

Please send your application to kandidatigxu@tejo.org with EVS-2018-alvoko-marto: first name_surname_last name: as an e-mail object along with the following documents in a single *.zip file:

  • a resumé or CV (describing your studies and experiences)
  • a motivational letter (describing why you want to volunteer for TEJO)
  • proof of linguistic or organisational skills mentioned in these documents, if possible
  • a recommendation letter from a trusted organisation or institute, if possible

The deadline to send your application is the 15th of March. If we are not able to select the relevant candidates, we may extend the deadline to the 31st of March. Don’t miss this opportunity!

The European Voluntary Service program only accepts candidates from the European Union and from the following countries: Russia, Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia), Eastern partners of EU (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine), South-mediterranean countries (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey).

At this time, the TEJO-volunteer has to work in the Central Office in Rotterdam. Citizens of the EU/EEA can work and live in the Netherlands without any problem, but citizens of many countries still need a work permit and visa. Because the Netherlands doesn’t offer volunteering visas, and because the pocket money doesn’t cover the means of subsistence of the Netherlands, TEJO will take this into consideration during the selection of the volunteer and  will try to find the appropriate solutions.

For further questions about the program, feel free to contact info@tejo.org


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  • Hayden Lars

    says on:
    Monday May 27th, 2019 at 06:07 PM

    Saluton, mi nomigxas Hajden Johnson. Mi agxas 21 jaroj. Mi dirus ke mi parolas la Esperanton suficxe bone. Mi esperantistigxis ekde mia 13a jaragxo. La Esperanto helpis al mi por koni la tutan mondon! Gxi ecx konigis min kun multaj filoj en aliaj landoj. Ekzemple en 2016 mi vojagxis st la roumanio kaj gastigxis mi per unu esperantoparolanta familio dum la tuta somero. La Esperanto helpis al mi por lerni aliajn ljngvojn– ekz. La Romanian kaj la grekan. Mi dezirus helpi en la junulara movado kun TEJO kiel volontulo. 😊

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