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To register to be a TEJO member, please use this form.

If you are below 35 years old – join TEJO! If you are young in other ways – be our patron! As a patron, you will not only support our organization, but also the representation of Esperanto at international events, the training of young active members as well as the work of many of these young activists. Moreover, you will also receive our interesting magazine, the “Kontakto”, which many of us are proud of.

You will also receive discounts if you wish to participate in the International Esperanto Youth Congress (IJK) or our seminars. So, be our member or patron to strengthen the Esperanto Youth Movement!

To renew your membership, please use this form. The current membership fees are detailed here as well as the payment methods (for credit-card usage, please use the secure form here). If you encounter any problems or have any questions regarding membership with TEJO, simply contact us at oficejo@tejo.org.

Benefits as a member of TEJO are:

And more importantly: You are helping the Esperanto Youth Movement!

If you are above 35 years old but do not want to miss out on the opportunities that TEJO provides to its members (and the magazine!), or simply wish to support TEJO, you are encouraged to be a Patron of TEJO.


Be a supporter of TEJO! Be our Patron.

As a patron of TEJO, you will not only support the young Esperantists, but also enjoy a close relationship with the youth movement. As a gesture of gratitude, you will receive:

  • the magazine “Kontakto” with its “TEJO-Worldwide” column
  • a separate official publication
  • ceremonious acceptance during the Universal Esperanto Congress
  • discount for the International Esperanto Youth Congress and
  • other publications and services

To be a patron of TEJO, please use the online-form of the Universal Esperanto Association (UEA) and in the third section, select PT—Patrono de TEJO (do note that you will also have to fill but the preceding sections to submit the form).

At the UEA website, you will find the online form, the current fees and the detailed explanation regarding the payment methods. Moreover you may also wish to read more about the general information and benefits as a member of the UEA.