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TEJO’s International Youth Congress

The Internacia Junulara Kongreso (IJK) or International Youth Congress in English is TEJO’s official annual congress and is the largest and the most important Esperanto youth congress yearly. It usually takes place during a week in July or August, often immediately before or after the Universal Esperanto Congress (UK). The attendance is about 300 participants.

IJK is held in a different country every year and is organized by the respective National Section within TEJO and their local activists. The organization takes place with guidance from TEJO. Questions about the IJK can be addressed to the TEJO office at gro.ojetnull@ojecifo.

The coming IJK will be held in Wiesbaden, Germany, from the 2nd to the 9th of August 2015. For more information please visit the official page of IJK 2015: http://ijk2015.tejo.org.

Previous IJKs and their websites

IJK Dates City Country website
71st 2015-08-02/09 Wiesbaden Germany current
70th 2014-07-18/25 Fortaleza Brazil available
69th 2013-08-19/26 Nazareth Israel available
68th 2012-08-05/12 Hanoi Vietnam archived
67th 2011-07-14/21 Kiev Ukraine available
66th 2010-07-24/31 Santa Cruz del Norte Cuba available
65th 2009-07-18/25 Liberec Czech Republic available
64th 2008-07-26/08-02 Szombathely Hungary archived
63rd 2007-07-27/08-03 Hanoi Vietnam archived
62nd 2006-08-06/13 Sarajevo Bosnia-Hercegovina archived
61st 2005-07-31/08-07 Zakopane Poland available
60th 2004-07-10/17 Kovrov Russia available
59th 2003-07-19/26 Lesjöfors Sweden archived
58th 2002-07-21/28 Pato Branco Brazil archived
57th 2001-07-29/08-05 Strasbourg France archived
56th 2000-07-05/12 Hongkong China available
55th 1999-08-09/16 Veszprém Hungary available