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The Executive Board

The executive board is governing body of the organization. All board members are volunteers, and are only compensated for their direct expenses. For the period 2023-2024, the executive board, elected by the Committee members of TEJO, is comprised of:

    • Tyron Surmon – President | Information and Contact; Congresses | AKSO; Archives; Relations with UEA | prezidanto@tejo.org
    • Snehaĝa Venkatesh – Vice-president|Education; Science; Online Events
    • KuboF Hromoslav – Secretary General | Activist Training; Projects and Grants | Volunteers | gxen-sek@tejo.org
    • Patricio Agustín Iglesias – Treasurer | Country and Departmental Activity; Finances | Young Friends; Passport Service; Patrons | kasisto@tejo.org
    • Abhinav Varma – Board member| External Relations
    • Ada Florence Iracadukunda – Board member| Equality


The Committee is the decision making body of TEJO. It usually convenes during the International Youth Congress in July/August, and if possible another time during the New Year’s period. Between meetings, the Committee discusses through an online discussion board and it can also vote online and by post. 

Committee Members:


The members of Committee A are the representatives of the national and specialist sections of TEJO.

For the Country Departments

  • Lucca Lanzi | Brazil (BEYO)
  • Gilbert Niyukuri | Burundi (Yebu)
  • Vít Guigliemo Mišurec | Czech Republic (CZE)
  • Tobias Nowak | Denmark (DEJO)
  • Wayne Adrian Federigan | Philippines (FEJ)
  • Inès Kahin | France (JEF)
  • Utku Özdemir Germany (GEJ)
  • Victoria Schmidbauer | Germany (GEJ)
  • Franceso Fagnani | Italy (IEJ)
  • Oscar Hernández Rodríguez Catalonia (KEJ) Konrad Orawski Poland (PEJ)
  • Paulína Jalakšová | Slovakia (SKEJ)
  • Tran Thi Hoan (Joy) | Vietnam (WAY)
  • For the Specialist Sections
  • Michal Matúšov “KuboF” | EUROKKA

Committee B (6):

The members of committee B are directly elected by the individual members of TEJO. Their maximum number depends on the number of individual members of TEJO.

    • Hans Becklin
    • Ana Maria da Costa Ribeiro
    • Wojciech “Wojtek” Oreszczuk
    • Joshua Moss
    • Matheus Gamito Do Nascimento
    • Espoir Ngoma Kasati
    • Igor Almeida
    • Manuela Burghelea

Committee C:

This is a new type of committee member as a representative of the Young Friends of Esperanto.

Committee Ĉ (5):

The committee members A and B can elected committee members Ĉ:

  • Querino Neto
  • Hans “Hanso” Becklin
  • Snehaĝa Venkatesh
  • Tamiris Queiroz
  • Manuela Burghelea

Election Commission

The Election Commission is an organ of TEJO, whose existence and function is described in the Regulations for the Election of the Executive. Its task is to collect candidates por the exectuvie (and also to speak to possible candidates), judge the candidates and present a proposal to the committee for the election of the new executive. The Election Committee works for the same duration as the Executive, so it is elected in uneven years (after the election of the executive) and works until the election of the new Executive (usually two years later). The commission is reachable by email to elekta.komisiono@tejo.org – so send you candidacy (and proposals) to there.

  • Arya Bhaskara Ferduzi
  • Łukasz Żebrowski
  • Rogier “Roĉjo” Huurman
  • Tomáš Stano


You can find the list of commissioners on the Commissions and Interesgrupoj pages.


  • David Ruíz Sánchez | Council of Europe External Relations and Grants Officer
  • Jeanne Grimaud | Communications Officer and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Carlos Pesquera Alonso | Projects and Grants Officer
  • My Nordentoft | AXIS officer

Past officers were:

  • Clément Baleyte | UEA and TEJO employee and coordinator of volunteers
  • Spyridon Papadatos | Full-time External Relations Officer
  • Ariel Giorgio Nikolov | Communicator [part-time]
  • Paulína Jalakšová | Grants Officer [part-time]
  • Said Balouchi UEA and TEJO employee and coordinator of volunteers
  • Fatma Eroğlan ECY Project Manager [quarter time]
  • Łukasz Żebrowski | Country activist and AEJK project [quarterly]
  • Quentin Weber-Seban | External Relations Officer [part-time]
  • Mounir Abijou | Grant applicant


  • Jonas Löser (Germany)
  • Guaroa Emmanuel González Cuevas (Spain / Dominican Republic)
  • Maria Tsagari (Greece)

Past volunteers have been:

  • Jeanne Grimaud (France)
  • Lenka Doškářová (Czech Republic)
  • Wojciech Oreszczuk (Poland)
  • Livia Noghi (Romania)
  • Leonardo Popov (France)
  • Guaroa Emmanuel González Cuevas (Spain / Dominican Republic)
  • Renato Guedes Filho (Brazil / Portugal)
  • Valentin Ceretto Bergerat (France)
  • Quentin Auduc (France)
  • Afroditi Konstantopoulou (Greece)
  • Maria Leonor Fernandes Pacheco (Portugal)
  • Ernesto Sánchez Hernández (Spain)
  • Mia Nordentoft (Denmark)
  • Clément Baleyte (France)
  • Manuela Burghelea (Romania)
  • Valia Tamvaki (Greece)
  • Paul Helly (France)
  • Olga Sevcenco (Moldova)
  • Gilbert Niyukuri (Burundi)

Read more about our former volunteers


  • Karina Oliveira | Contact Magazine


Representatives of TEJO at other organizations

  • Observantoj de TEJO ĉe UEA:
  • Observanto de TEJO ĉe ILEI:
  • Reprezentantoj de TEJO en la Komitato de UEA: Hans Becklin, Karina Oliveira
  • Reprezentanto de TEJO en Fondumo Zamenhof: Iwona Zalewska

Representatives of other organizations at TEJO

  • Observantoj de UEA ĉe TEJO: Fernando Maia Jr, Duncan Charters
  • Observanto de ILEI ĉe TEJO: Yuro Jung (Unika)

Honorary Titles

The Regulations of TEJO include the titles of Honorary Presidents and Honorary Members. According to these regulations, TEJO is not to honor more than one person with these titles each year. The proposal to elect Honorary Members or Honorary Presidents can be made either by the leadership, 10 delegates or 25 individual members from at least 5 different nations. The committee decides on the outcome of this proposal.

Honoraj Prezidantoj de TEJO

  • s-ino E. van Veenendaal-Bouwes, Nederlando (1947–1966)
  • s-ro G. Becker, Germanio (1964–2008)
  • prof. d-ro H. Tonkin, Usono (1971)
  • prof. d-ro R. Corsetti, Italio (1973)
  • d-ino F. Szabó-Felső, Hungario (1975)
  • s-ino C. Nourmont, Luksemburgio (1978)
  • d-ro S. Tsiturdis, Grekio (1979)
  • prof. d-ro A. Wandel, Israelo (1989)

Honorary Members of TEJO

  • F. Gabalda, Francio
  • I. Tarrant, Britio
  • A. Gonĉarov, Rusio
  • D. Ederveen, Nederlando

Lifelong Patron of TEJO

subtena kategorio

  • s-ino A.J. Bakker-ten Hagen, Nederlando
  • s-ro D. Besseghini, Italio
  • s-ino C. Bracke, Belgio
  • d-ro S. Bosga, Svedio
  • s-ro J. Brozovsky, Usono
  • s-ro Manuel M. Campagna, Kanado
  • s-ino P. de Caspary, Norvegio
  • s-ro R. Clerici, Italio
  • s-ro K. Peder Hoff, Norvegio
  • s-ino Honda Machimura Terumi, Japanio
  • d-ro B. Johnson, Kanado
  • s-ino E. Kehlet, Danio
  • s-ino K. Kikusima, Japanio
  • s-ro A. Kronenberger, Germanio
  • s-ro J. Stryhn Meyer, Luksemburgio
  • s-ro R. Moerbeek, Nederlando
  • s-ro B. Moon, Luksemburgio
  • s-ino B. Muizelaar-Borger, Nederlando
  • s-ro J. Nordfalk, Danlando
  • s-ro A. Ruysschaert, Luksemburgio
  • s-ro Sibayama Z., Japanio
  • s-ro T. Sormunen, Finlandio
  • s-ino I. Tautorat, Germanio