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The Interest Groups collaborate with the National Sections to play a significant role in the work of TEJO. Delegates from the Interest Groups are represented in the committee and they help to decide the future course of TEJO. There are 2 Interest Groups in TEJO currently:

  • Bicyclist International Esperanto-Movement
  • EUROKKA (Esperanto Universal Rock Organization, Collective Communication Association)

We are always pleased to have more Interest Groups (and at least one for each technical field). To be accepted as an Interest Group, there are some criteria to be met according to Chapter 2 –Statute, Article 9 – Interest Groups of the Rules of TEJO (only in Esperanto):

  1. it unites youths worldwide with the same interests;
  2. it is in line with the goals and aims of TEJO;
  3. it can be a separate or integral part of an association registered with the UEA;
  4. it is organized according to the law;
  5. its membership is open to all without limitations of nationality, race, gender, gender orientation and expression, disabilities, religion, political affiliations, social background or language;
  6. membership in it is without coercion; and
  7. it is democratically led.

Biciklista Esperanto-Movado Internacia

Biciklista Esperanto-Movado Internacia (BEMI), or International Esperanto Bicyclist Movement, is a group of Esperantists who bicycles a little more often and more serious that the average youth. BEMI seeks to arrange at least one international bicycle-caravan yearly and also to act as a contact point or forum for Esperantists who prefer to bicycle solo. The members of BEMI meets twice a year, when possible: once in July/August during the Internacia Junulara Kongreso or International Youth Congress (IJK) and once around the New Year during the Junulara E-Semajno or Esperanto Youth Week (JES). The biking-caravan of the following year is planned during these meetings.

EUROKKA (Esperanto-Universala-Rok-Organizo, Kolektiva Komunik-Asocio)

EUROKKA (Esperanto-Universala-Rok-Organizo, Kolektiva Komunik-Asocio) or Esperanto Universal Rock Organization, Collective Communication Association, is predominantly a rock music association under TEJO. The aim of EURROKA is to popularize Esperanto music culture, bands and artists within and without the movement.

One of its collaborative projects with E@I and TEJO is the Artista Datenbazo (Artists Database), an online database for information on Esperantist-Artists, Organizers and Organizations. It also aims to be the definitive online guide for the organization of cultural events.

  • Official Webpage of EUROKKA (currently down)