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Within the Esperanto Movement

Universala Esperanto-Asocio

UEA-emblemoUniversala Esperanto Asocio (UEA), or the Universal Esperanto Association, was founded in 1908 as an organization for individual Esperantists. Currently, the UEA is the most important organization for Esperanto-speakers and boasts a membership from at least 117 countries. UEA works to increase the visibility of Esperanto, initiate discussions on language and communication problems worldwide and to present Esperanto as a viable solution. UEA organises the Universala Kongreso (UK), or Universal Congress, yearly. The UK is the largest gathering of Esperantists to date. The Central Office of the UEA is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

TEJO is the youth-wing of the UEA. For more information on the UEA, please visit uea.org.

Internacia Ligo de Esperantistaj Instruistoj

ILEI-emblemoInternacia Ligo de Esperantistaj Instruistoj (ILEI), or International League of Esperanto Teachers, is the main association of teachers and educators of Esperanto. ILEI is a registered Technical Section of the UEA and it has representation from at least 30 countries.

TEJO and ILEI maintain observers between the two organizations. For more information on ILEI, please visit ilei.info (available only in Esperanto).


muzaiko-emblemoMuzaiko is a round-the-clock fantastic international radio channel that broadcasts exclusively in Esperanto. It broadcasts music, programs, news, information, reports, archives and much more.

Muzaiko regularly broadcasts news relating to TEJO. The radio is available at muzaiko.info.

Outside the Esperanto Movement

European Youth Forum

European_Youth_Forum-emblemoThe European Youth Forum (YJF) is an international nongovernmental organization which is an association of national and international youth organizations in Europe. It aims to represent these associations and their members in Europe and in international institutions such as the European Union, the European Council and the United Nations. YJF represents to-date about 100 organizations, some of which are national youth councils and international nongovernmental organizations.

TEJO is registered with YJF as a nongovernmental organization. For more information, please visit youthforum.org.

International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organisations

ICMYO-emblemoThe International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organisations (ICMYO) is an international network for the larger youth movements and regional platforms for youths. It aims to consolidate the diverse viewpoints of the youths around the world and providing a platform for collaboration in order that youths have a more substantial influence on international politics with pertains to them. It also aims to attain greater unity among youth organizations.

The aims of IKRJO are to strengthen the:

  • representation of voices of diverse youth organizations,
  • collaboration among the youth organizations at the regional and international level,
  • organization of political influence on international politics concerning youths.

TEJO is from the period of 2014-2015 a member of the 7 organizations strong task force of the IKRJO. For more information, please visit icmyo.org.

UNITED for Intercultural Activities

UNITED-emblemoUNITED for Intercultural Activity is a European network that stands against Nationalism, Racism and Fascism while supporting migrants and refugees. Over 560 organizations from 48 European countries collaborate in UNITED, one of which is TEJO. UNITED was founded in 1992 and registered under Dutch law as an NGO in 1993. It acts as a platform to strength solidarity and collaboration between diverse organizations.

TEJO actively participates in events organized by UNITED, with participation in at least one event a year. Find out more at unitedagainstracism.org.

UNOY Peacebuilders

UNOY Peacebuilders is a network of youth peace organisations from around the world. They currently have 80 member organisations in 50 countries. They have an office in the Hague coordinating the network, with four members of staff. They also have an International Steering Group, representing the different member organisations around the world, and a board based in the Netherlands.
For more information, visit unoy.org/.