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The committee is the executive organ of TEJO. The members’ meeting is held during the International Esperanto Youth Congress in July/August, and when possible, also during the New Year period. Between the meetings, the committee member (i.e. delegates) communicate by means of the Discussions Forum. The members are allowed to vote on issues either through the internet or by post.

The tasks of the committee can be found below as well as the methods by which they are elected. If you are a new delegate, please read the information for new committee members (available only in Esperanto) and if possible, contact rtnovakomitatano@tejo.org to participate in the training for new delegates.

Delegates (2014—2016):

The list of the current committee members is available only in the Esperanto version of this page.

Tasks of the Committee

The committee executes the functions and services of the organization. It:

  1. defines the general activities of the organization
  2. elects the leadership and has the rights to dismiss them
  3. decides on the activities of the leadership
  4. approves the financial budget and accounts
  5. decides on the acceptance and dismissal of the Local and National Sections
  6. decides on the acceptance and dismissal of the honorary presidents and honorary members
  7. decides on the dismissal of patrons
  8. decides on the organizational rules and regulations
  9. acts on any unforeseen occurrences or events.

The committee is empowered to decide on all affairs regarding the leadership or a single member of the leadership. The decision of the committee therefore overrides the decision of the leadership or the decision of the single leader.

How are the delegates elected?

The committee consists of delegate types A, B and C and the leadership of TEJO. The leadership of TEJO is elected every odd numbered year. The rest of the committee is elected every even numbered year. The current committee will be in office for the period of June 2012 to May 2014.

Delegates A

Delegates A consists of representatives from the National Sections and Interest Groups of TEJO until the 30th of April of every even numbered year. National Sections are represented by the number of delegates as stated in the following table:

Official Members Delegate(s) A
15-100 1
101-300 2
301-1000 3
1000+ 4

Every interest groups which has at least 15 official members is represented by 1 delegate A. The National Sections and Interest Groups are allowed to decide for themselves the member(s) to represent them in the committee through whichever means they deem suitable.

Delegates B

Delegates B represents the individual members of TEJO, according to the Regulations Regarding the Election of Delegates B (in Esperanto). They are elected through secret balloting of every individual member of TEJO. One representative will be elected for every hundred members of TEJO.

Delegates C

Finally, the delegates C are elected by the current delegates A and B through secret balloting. These delegates are members who are perceived to possess specific knowledge or expertise that will benefit the committee or TEJO. The number of delegates C is not to be larger than one forth of the numbers of delegates A and B combined.