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TEJO (World Esperanto Youth Organisation) is an entirely youth-led youth organisation which works in the fields of culture, education, language policies, and promotes intercultural understanding and the participation of young people through educational programmes and activities. It is organised on a voluntary and collaborative basis.
TEJO defends the richness of cultural and linguistic diversity, the rights of linguistic minorities, and provides spaces for intercultural dialogue.
TEJO’s main activities are: youth events; publications and virtual platforms for active discussions on youth-related topics; trainings and providing tools to encourage mobility, participation, and international exchange of know-how. Our activities promote equality and multilingualism and are organised by youth, for youth. Furthermore, TEJO is an active member of the European Youth Forum, of UNITED for Intercultural Action, and of the International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organisations.

Currently, TEJO is part of the Taskforce of ICMYO and it has a representative in the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe & in the Consultative Body on Membership Applications of the European Youth Forum. In addition, we plan on attending the UNESCO Youth Forum again this autumn and to follow the most relevant processes at EU-level.

TEJO’s Commission for External Relations is our bridge to the civil society and decision-makers at international level. We achieved important goals, but on the other hand our volunteer force is not sufficient for a sustainable growth of our activity in this field.

Therefore, we need professional support for our work in these fields. If you would like to become the External Relations Officer of TEJO, the application deadline is June 25th 2017.

The starting date is September 1st 2017, and the contract will be established for a definite period of one year. The successful candidate will receive a gross monthly salary of 782,70€ for a part-time working schedule (19 hours per week). The employee is expected to work mainly from home and attend physical events. The employee will have significant freedom in determining his/her working hours, but is expected to be flexible when required

Are you interested?

Send your application before June 25th 2017, including a motivation letter & a letter of recommendation to info@tejo.org with “KER-oficisto 2017: Full_name” as an object.

Application requirements:

  • Have visa-free access to the Schengen area and a work permit in one of the Programme Countries* of Erasmus+ (the candidate is required to live in one of these countries during the length of the contract). If you live in another country but you  are able to move to an Erasmus+ programme country, you have to take care of the relocation yourself;
    • Programme Countries are countries of the EU, EFTA (excluding Switzerland), Macedonia and Turkey.
  • Knowledge of Esperanto at B1 level (a candidate who doesn’t speak Esperanto yet, is required to reach this level of fluency before starting the job);
  • Knowledge of English  at C1 level;
  • A stable internet connection, access to Skype video-calls and other such programmes;
  • Good oral and written skills;
  • Motivated and mature, with a diplomatic personality;
  • Enthusiastic about Esperanto;
  • Capability to present accurately the Esperanto community and its main activities;
  • Ability to work in a team  and ask for support when needed;
  • Ability to work independently without constant supervision;
  • Responsibility, self-awareness, and the understanding that your behaviour at social events (whether good or bad) will reflect on TEJO as a whole;
  • Interested in meaningful collaboration with the Board of TEJO, its different Commissioners for External Relations, TEJO volunteers, other officers and with other members of the Commission for External Relations;
  • Enjoy meeting new people and able to maintain good relations with them
  • Ability to carry out the tasks and implement decisions made by the organs of the association and follow the political positions of TEJO.

You will be very positively considered if you:

  • Are active in the Commission for External Relations of TEJO
  • Are active in another NGO at an international level or in a political party, preferably at a youth level,
  • Have knowledge youth politics
  • Have knowledge about linguistic politics
  • Are flexible with trips and used to travelling low-cost
  • Have work experience in an international NGO or in a European or International Institution
  • Live in or near Brussels, Paris or Strasbourg
  • Have at least a basic knowledge of French
  • Have experience with Erasmus+ and the European Youth Foundation
  • Have active experience in Esperanto movement
  • Have experience linked to the organisations where TEJO is active (European Youth Forum, ICMYO, UNESCO and UNITED)
  • Have experience in guiding volunteering teams

Your tasks will be:

  • Supervision of deadlines and the coordination of work according to them;
  • Administrative work and bureaucracy related to external relations;
  • Help our team and TEJO to prepare its applications for events & posts and possibly guide their campaigns when running for positions;
  • Help to prepare attendance at different events;
  • Analysis  of documents before the events with the aim of finding the most important, relevant political positions for TEJO;
  • Follow-up the contacts after the event;
  • Organisation of  TEJO’s participation when we have an active partner role ;
  • Follow the  correspondence in online inter-organisational groups and  attend inter-organisational events ;
  • Liaise with organisations outside the Esperanto community for common projects;
  • Represent TEJO during events;
  • Follow EU politics and UN politics with a special focus on youth and languages;
  • Intervene when possible in processes which have a significant linguo-political character of importance to TEJO by contacting specific decision-makers with favourable role and positions,
  • Keep the connection between TEJO’s Commission for External Relations and the rest of the Esperanto community by informing them about news and by  presenting innovative ideas

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