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TEJO is currently organizing training programs within the AEJK project about cooperation among Africans and Europeans. Their theme is training : how to organize learning workshops, how to captivate the participants and how to propose suitable training materials.

TEJO is planning to develop a phone app about that training material, so that it can be useful and visible in the long run. If you would like to develop such an app, please do join us in this colorful project !

The app will be on the subject of Esperanto and the above training programs. It should work on Android, and the possibility to be used by both Africans and Europeans should be taken into consideration. It should be usable even on older phones, and capable of working on weak networks. Ideally it should be interactive and attractive.

We shall provide the basic material, but the developer must be able to devise an interactive system, for example a game.

In addition, the app should be multilingual (easy to translate by others). It would be preferable to use Esperanto as the base language, but versions in English or French will be accepted. In the end the app should be usable in, at least, English, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Slovak, French, Yoruba, Lingala, Swahili. Other languages might be added, and TEJO shall be responsible to provide translations into any other language additional to the base language(s).

Our budget for the project is 4450.

Are you interested ?

Send your application, accompanied by your CV, letter of motivation, and if possible, examples of your works to aejk.oficejo@tejo.org before the 10th of February 2017. You shall receive an e-mail confirmation within 2 days. Should you not receive one within that time period, please send your original message to: oficejo@tejo.org.

The main work will start, probably, in March of this year. Do not hesitate to contact us at aejk.oficejo@tejo.org, should you need further information.

Requirements for candidates : 

– experience in developing telephone apps.

– capability to develop a multilingual application, or an application allowing in an easy manner the development of derived versions for specific languages.

– to deliver the application and its sources, so that they can be reused.

– knowledge of Esperanto would be beneficial.

– to be capable to propose ideas, help the organizers and participants decide about the contents.

– to be able to legally invoice for the work done.

– it would be beneficial to be able to meet participants in the project in one of the following events : International Youth Festival (12-18 April, in Castione della Presolana, Italy), International Youth Convention (5-12 August, in Aneho, Togo).

The tasks of the developer should include, but not be limited to the following :

– to develop the telephone application before the end of the project in November 2017

– to provide counseling about its contents.

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