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TEJO (World Esperanto Youth Organisation) is an entirely youth-led youth organisation which works in the fields of culture, education, language policies, and promotes intercultural understanding and the participation of young people through educational programmes and activities. It is organised on a voluntary and collaborative basis.
TEJO defends the richness of cultural and linguistic diversity, the rights of linguistic minorities, and provides spaces for intercultural dialogue.
TEJO’s main activities are: youth events; publications and virtual platforms for active discussions on youth-related topics; trainings and providing tools to encourage mobility, participation, and international exchange of know-how. Our activities promote equality and multilingualism and are organised by youth, for youth. Furthermore, TEJO is an active member of the European Youth Forum, of UNITED for Intercultural Action, and of the International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organisations.

TEJO is looking for a web developer for 2018. The contract will be initially for a period of 6 months. The contract may then be extended, depending on the amount of work and the needs of TEJO.

The successful candidate will receive a gross monthly salary of 391.35€ for a working schedule of 10 hours per week. The employee is expected to work from home. The employee will have significant freedom in determining his/her working hours, but is expected to be flexible when required.

Your tasks will be:

  • Development of membership management system, in collaboration with UEA (Universal Esperanto Association), adding new functions to the basic system
  • Technical support and web development of tejo.org and correlated websites and web services
  • Establishment of freemium model for training materials (some materials will be available for members only)
  • Support of the Technology Commission (to be estabilished)


– Knowledge of REST (Representational State Transfer) web services;
– Knowledge of MySQL;
– Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS;
– Knowledge of Javascript;

You will be very positively considered if you have knowledge of:

    • Node.js;
    • Angular.js,
    • Test automation;
    • WordPress

Are you interested?

Send your application, accompanied by your CV and letter of motivation to kandidatigxu@tejo.org before December 8, 2017, with “Programisto 2018: Your name” as an object. You shall receive an e-mail confirmation. Should you not receive one, please send your original message to: info@tejo.org

Application requirements:

  • The candidate is required to live and have a work permit in one of these countries during the length of the contract: Any country of the European Union, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Macedonia, Turkey. If you live in another country but you are able to move to one of these countries without a visa, you have to take care of the relocation yourself.
  • Knowledge of English or French at B2 level;
  • Enthusiastic about Esperanto and willing to learn it;
  • Ability to work independently without constant supervision;
  • Ability to fulfill tasks according to the decisions made by the organization;
  • Ability to collaborate and communicate in an international team in different time zones;
  • Interested in meaningful collaboration with the Board of TEJO and the Central Office team.


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