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Are you a young European who is enthusiastic about European politics? Do you want to represent Esperanto and TEJO in the European Parliament, along with 7000 other young people (and their points of view)? Then EYE 2016 is the perfect event for you!
Young, enthusiastic candidates are needed to take part in the European Youth Forum’s biggest event, EYE (European Youth Event), due to take place from 20-22nd May in Strasbourg, France.

What is EYE?

EYE is an event for 7000 young Europeans, representing a variety of youth organizations. The aim of the event is to convince politicians and political parties to pay more attention to matters which are of importance to young people (such as education, mobility, unemployment and sustainability).
Understandably, we from TEJO will draw particular attention to linguistic justice and international communication. We’ll do this through various activities, and through our participation in the joint programs. TEJO is a partner of YO!Fest, the political youth festival that will follow the same framework, allowing us to hold courses, discussions and a variety of other programs.

What will you get as an accepted candidate?

  • Repaid travel expenses for your trips to and from Strasbourg.
  • Accommodation with Esperantists in proximity of the city.
  • The opportunity to take part in the organization of YO!Fest together with an international team.
  • TEJO’s online training in external relations (compulsory)
  • Various informational material on topics relating to European youth, youth activities, and politics.
  • Advice and material for improving your communicative capabilities in English and Esperanto.

What type of candidate are we looking for?

The candidate should fit the following criteria:

  • Over 18 years old on the 20th May, and under 31 years old on the 25th May (2016).
  • Sociable, tolerant, open, and an independent traveller.
  • Ready to actively contribute towards the successful organization of YO!Fest.
  • Lives in a country within the European Union, or a neighbouring country.
  • Proficient in English and Esperanto to at least B2 level (or will improve to this level before the beginning of the event).
  • Able to take part in the whole event (20th and 21st May), with arrival one day earlier and return one day afterwards (so from the 19th to the 22nd of May).

After the end of the event, we will ask you to prepare a one-page report about your experience, which will be extremely helpful to future participants.

How can I put myself forward?

Do you want to influence European politics and represent TEJO together with a group of Esperanto enthusiasts from the whole of Europe? If yes, send a short email about your motivations to <ejo@tejo.org> before the 10th December 2015.
Also tell us about your activities in Esperantoland up until now, which languages you can speak, where you live, and your nationality (or nationalities). Include a CV (not necessarily in Esperanto) if you have one available. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information if you need to.

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