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Welcome to TEJO!

en Esperanto! | in italiano! | på dansk!

We are very happy that you are learning Esperanto with Duolingo – many of us here learned Esperanto online too. As we wanted to meet Esperanto speakers in person, we got involved in TEJO, where we participate in many different activities – all in Esperanto.

What is TEJO? TEJO is the World Esperanto Youth Organisation that connects young Esperanto speakers and represents the voice of the Esperanto-speaking youth. Have a look around the website while you’re here, or get involved straightaway!

TEJO collaborates with a number of partner organisations, both within and external to the Esperanto movement.

Or get a free sample copy of the TEJO magazine Kontakto in Esperanto. Just email duolingo@tejo.org and you will receive the magazine as a reply.

So you’re learning Esperanto — what next?