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Let’s talk about racism. Recently, quite some attention has been paid to the revelations of racist behaviour the British royal family. However, it’s worth stressing out that this is just a tiny tip of the iceberg if put in relation to the discrimination that millions and millions of people struggle against every day. Have you personally experienced racist behaviour, discrimination or oppression? You are welcome to talk about this and your opinions in a video collage that TEJO (World Esperanto Youth Organisation) is going to publish as part of the European Action Week Against Racism, organized by our partner network UNITED for Intercultural Action.

How to contribute?

1) Record your video. It should be horizontal and last up to 1.30 minutes.
2) Feel free to talk in any language of your choice! We are planning to add multilingual subtitles.
3) Upload the video to Google Drive, or to Wetransfer, or to another online service.
4) Send the link to ariel.palmer(at)tejo.org

If you prefer, you can also send us your video in a private message to our Instagram account @tejoesperanto or via Telegram to @arielpalmer

If, for any reason, you are unable to submit your video in this way, write to ariel.palmer(at)tejo.org and we will try to help.

When we receive your video, we will send you a confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation message within a few days, please contact us again!

The deadline to submit your contribution is 11 April 2021.

Technical Recommendations
If you can, please record the video in 1080p or 720p quality (HD). Clean the lens of your mobile phone / camera before starting to record and make sure that your voice is clearly audible and your face is clearly visible. The video should be horizontal. If your cell phone / camera records in poor quality, it doesn’t matter at all, you’re welcome to record and submit the video anyway.

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  • Feo

    says on:
    Sunday March 28th, 2021 at 09:09 PM

    Estas tre bone ke TEJO parolas kaj paroligas pri rasismo. Mi persone kiel bruna kaj azianeca persono estis viktimo de rasistoj multajn fojojn, bedaŭrinde. Mi esperas ke rasismo, samkiel ĉiaj ajn aliaj formoj de socia maljusto kaj diskriminacio, kiom eble plej baldaŭ signife malpliiĝu kaj ĉesu esti sistema.


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