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Here’s a list of the most common questions about TEJO:


What is TEJO?

The Global Esperanto Youth Organization (TEJO) is an organization of young Esperanto speakers with individual members and country departments in more than 40 countries, except specialized section. TEJO itself is the youth section of the Universal Esperanto Association (UEA). Its headquarters are located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


What are the goals of the organization?

  • disseminate the use of the international language Esperanto;
  • contribute to the development of the Esperanto culture;
  • act for the solution of the linguistic problem in international relations and facilitate international communication;
  • facilitate all the kinds of spiritual and material relations between humans, independently of differences in nationality, race, sexual orientation, religion, political opinion or language;
  • help the youth to have an active role in the construction of an inclusive, international, inter-corporate and respectful of rights society;
  • increase among their members a strong sense of solidarity, motivating them to understand and respect other people;
  • improve the knowledge and organizational skills of its activists and encourage their cultural development; and to yield young forces to the Esperanto movement.


When was TEJO founded?

TEJO (in fact, then World Youth Organization, TJO: Tutmonda Junular-Organizo) was founded in 1938 during the 1st International Youth Meeting (IJK: Internacia Junulara Kongreso), later the International Youth Congress), on the initiative of two Dutch teachers, Elisabeth van Veenendaal and her husband, with the purose of vulgarizing Esperanto , organizing international meetings and work about Esperanto in schools. Until the beginning of the 50s TEJO was transformed into a fully youth association and in 1952 it changed its name to today’s form – Global Esperanto Youth Organization (TEJO: Tutmonda Esperantista Junulara Organizo).


How big is TEJO?

TEJO is an organization that acts world widely, whose roots are the world’s sections throughout the world – over 40!


Is TEJO neutral?

TEJO is politically neutral about things not related to its purposes, and understands neutrality as an active opposition to social injustices. According to our status:

  • TEJO contradicts discrimination regarding nationality, race, gender, sexual
    orientation, handicap, religion, politics, social origin and language.
  • TEJO is independent of any party.
  • TEJO is neutral about issues unrelated to its objectives.


Kiel aliĝi al TEJO?

How to join TEJO?
To get started and to get more information you can go to the page: Become a member.

If you are not over 35 years old – join in TEJO! As a member you will receive:

  • the magazine “Kontakto”
  • discount for participation in the International Youth Congress and other events
  • possibility of participating in seminars
  • an opportunity to engage in an active and international movement

If you are over 35 – become a patron! Paying a triple from your country basic contribution (MJ-Kotizo), you do not only support the Esperanto youth, but you also enjoy a close participation in the youth movement.
From TEJO you will receive:

  • the magazine “Kontakto” with the newsletter “Movada Rubriko”
  • particular official implement
  • welcome acceptance during the Universal Esperanto Congress
  • discount for the subscription to IJK
  • other customizable services and publications
  • And the most important: you help Esperanto’s youth movement!

Finally, if you are a country or a special youth organization, read the page How to become a country section?.


What do we do for the Esperanto community?

In addition:

  • TEJO trains activists worldwide.
  • We organize an International Youth Congress, annually in different countries of the world. Other events organized by TEJO include seminars and trainings in various topics.
  • TEJO publishes the social and culture magazine “Kontakto” and online newsletter “TEJO Aktuale” . We are also active in social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • We also support and look accompany our country sections, and also encourage the creation of additional youth sections where there is no longer.
  • Among the most well-known TEJO projects is “Pasporta Servo” – a social network that integrates people who offer free hosting in their homes and those who would like to use this possibility.
  • The organization defends the cultural richness of linguistic diversity, human rights and in particular their linguistic and global understanding through easy access to international contacts.


What do we do outside the world of Esperanto?

TEJO often participates international youth conferences, such as Yo! Fest (a meeting of European youth activists, organized by the Youth Forum of Europe) and ECOSOC (an economic and social forum of the United Nations). We take TEJO’s ideas and values, advocating them, such as linguistic justice, human rights, equality, respect for cultural diversity throughout the world, support for minority languages, etc.


How many people work for TEJO?

As we are global, join talent and support the motto “from local to global” (Elloke tutmonden), in TEJO work the leaders of the various commissions, representatives of country departments, representatives of special department, paid workers and some others. In our website you can find the profile of many young people who have a role. We think that there is no need to having a formal post to work in TEJO, and for example, you can propose yourself to do activities in the name of TEJO and join in commissions.


How to work professionally TEJO?

Sometimes we publish call for tenders to engage people with knowledge, aptitudes and experiences strategically interesting for the organization. Follow our news channels!


What can TEJO do for you?

Do you feel the lack of anything? Tell us, we’re glad to hear you! Here are a few ideas:

  • Help create a country or special youth organization.
  • Establish training so that you become even more effective activists.
  • Support a country proposal to host the International Youth Congress.


How to help TEJO?

If you want to help us somehow, you can do so when you join, participate in a commission, inform about your activities, exchange successful performances, donation, or other ways. You are welcome to contact us and tell how you could help or what you can do.