In 1914 as a new war was beginning, L.L. Zamenhof wrote: Remember well that the only way to attain a lasting peace is ending once and for all the main cause of war: the rule of  one nation over other nations . (Post la Granda Milito, PVZ Originalaro III, 2692).

In this same spirit and in keeping with our dedication to freedom and human rights, TEJO condemns the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. TEJO strives for solidarity and mutual respect between the peoples. We plead for a world in which all people everywhere do not suffer from war and its effects, which divide humanity. The military action of the Russian Federation is contrary to our ideals of democracy, world peace, and mutual understanding; furthermore, it is a dangerous violation of fundamental human rights. For these reasons we cannot remain silent.

TEJO expresses its solidarity with all victims of war: with the dead and the wounded and with all who have fled their homes for safety’s sake. We send our support to all of our members, activists, partners, and fellow Esperantists in Ukraine. At the same time, we recognize the suffering of those in Russia, who have been brought into a war against their will. We stand in solidarity with those courageous Russians who risk imprisonment by their protest. As speakers of a language of peace, we salute these peacemakers. We ask Esperanto speakers throughout the world and especially in Ukraine and Russia to engage in dialogue as brothers and sisters in a spirit of mutual understanding. We hope that this will nurture peaceful relations between people despite the condemnable action of the Russian Federation.

TEJO calls for peace in Ukraine and throughout the world, so that people might live without fear of violence, death, or suppression. We appeal for the immediate withdrawal of the Russian armed forces from Ukraine and for the respect of human rights. We call for all international bodies to utilize diplomacy to end conflicts, provide life-saving help to victims, and create a stable world peace. This must be founded on the respect of the human rights of all, including the linguistic rights of minorities. We appeal to all Esperantists throughout the world: support human rights, peace, and mutual understanding.

World Esperanto Youth Organisation (TEJO)

27 February 2022

To support Esperantists who have been affected by the war, you can give to UEA’s Konto Espero. Presently TEJO is actively participating in a working group of the European Youth Forum. This working group aims to bring together information from Ukraine and its EU neighbors to effectively provide the necessary resources. If you would like to contribute to TEJO’s work, contact its office or its Commission for External Relations.

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  • Satoo Morio

    says on:
    Tuesday March 1st, 2022 at 01:48 AM

    Ni Japana Pacdefenda Esperantista Asocio perfekte koincidas al Teja deklaro kontraux Putin invado al Ukranujo.
    Sorilarece kun vi! (2022. 3. 1)

  • OKADA Humiko

    says on:
    Thursday March 3rd, 2022 at 08:57 AM

    Mi subtenas la artikolon en Gazetalaj Komunumoj de uea, n-ro 1023.

  • Luigia Oberrauch

    says on:
    Sunday March 6th, 2022 at 01:01 PM

    Sono dello stesso parere dei nostri giovani della TEJO. Il nostro obiettivo è lavorare per la pace fra le persone e fra i popoli. Intanto però non posso fare a meno di esprimere a tutti nostri amici ucraini e russi la mia soldarietà. Speriamo che l’incubo di questa querra assurda finisca presto.

  • Desmares

    says on:
    Monday March 7th, 2022 at 04:58 PM

    Mi gratulas vin pro tiu grava deklaro. Kaj nun necesas alvoki al postkurado de tiu abomena prezidento V. Poutine pro militaj krimoj.

  • Vicente Paulo de Sales

    says on:
    Monday March 14th, 2022 at 11:36 AM

    Mi ne estas kontraŭ rusoj nek kontraŭ ukrainoj, sed kontraŭ tiuj, kiuj ordonas la militon kaj ankaŭ kontraŭ ĉiuj malhumanuloj, kiuj apogas ĝin.
    La homaro evoluis kaj konkeris la tutan planedon, antaŭ la formiĝo de la unuaj civilizacioj, per la humanaj virtoj: kunlaboremo; kompatemo; frateco ktp.
    Milito estas besta afero, ĝi estas fiasko de la humanaj virtoj de la homaroj.
    Kiam malhumanuloj akiras potencon la homaro restas en danĝero.
    Mi esperas, ke la homaro savu siajn humanajn virtojn.
    Sovaĝaj konkurencoj estas bestaj abomenaĵoj.

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